About The Green Net

green net iconHi, Welcome to the Green Net

The Green Net is all about balance. Balancing our full enjoyment of all the goodness of the earth with the need to care for it. This site avoids the extreme fear-mongering of those who want to tell us that the world is about to die – and that we should therefore die for it and the indifference that pollutes the earth.

At the Green Net, we want to enjoy the fullness of the earth as well as see it as a gift to be treasured. We are not here to worship it, but enjoy its abundance. We are not here to deny it’s loveliness, but preserve it.

If you like balance, you will like what we have to say at The Green Net. We talk about food, health, making stuff out of scraps, filling the earth with good things and feeding them to those who are hungry for beauty. We talk about technology, eco-friendly cars and coal mines.

So dig in, have your say, ask a question and leave a trace. The earth can handle it, and we want to hear it.

Have you got an eco-tip, a story about your green thumb, some new innovation or handy advise? Join us in The Green Net Q & A for plenty of friendly chatter.

If you would like to write for us, drop us a line in the contact form below.

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