Giving Up Smoking – 7 of the Most Common Methods

“One thousand Americans stop smoking daily – by dying.”

The figures from around the world stand at 7 million a year.

That’s more than 19000 people every day. It is said that only a fool will put his lips on the other side of fire still more than a billion people around the world smoke cigarettes.

Yes, quitting it is hard, but it’s not impossible although it is essential. Furthermore, there are many ways to help you do it.

Nicotine replacement

Nicotine is one of the chief components of cigarette smoke, and it is no surprise that substitutes for it like inhalers, chewing gums and patches are the most effective ways to get rid of your smoking habits.

A literature study conducted on some 50,000 subjects found out that the possibility of a person quitting smoking while using them increases by 50-70%.

They might not be the safest or guaranteed way to quit, but they reduce your cravings to smoke by providing the body with the nicotine it wants through safer sources.

Social support


A man is known by the company he keeps they say, and this company has a considerable influence if they’re looking to quit smoking.

Behavioural therapy and peer pressure are useful elements to help a person give up the cursed habit of smoking.

Financial Incentive

Financial motivation also works at getting someone to quit this horrid habit. Research indicates almost 52.3% of people put under the test were successful in quitting due to the incentive of receiving financial benefits.

The process, however, is extremely slow and sometimes de-motivating too.

Prescription Medications

Medicines are another effective way to help you avoid smoking for good. It is essential, however, to consult a physician before consuming them.

There are chances that the doctor might suggest an alternative method depending on your physique and medical history.


There are no studies to substantiate the facts, but people have reported acupuncture, a method of treatment that places needles on certain parts of the body to relieve the pressure on it, has helped them quit smoking.

Experts also recommend there are chances that the treatment could work, however; the outcome mostly depends on the individual.


It might sound absurd, but hypnosis helps a person give up smoking for good.

Spiegel’s method is one technique used by hypnotists to implant the idea that smoking is bad, into the patient’s’ mind and if done correctly, there are chances that person quits.

Going cold turkey

Going cold turkey refers to the fact of deciding to quit smoking and never looking back. The American Cancer Society figures state 80% of those who leave smoking do it by the cold turkey method.

However, not everyone has the strength of character to do it. A study conducted on a number of people states that only 4-7% can do it without any additional help.

Giving up smoking is one of the hardest things to do but if one has the motivation and determination to do, nothing is impossible!

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