Green Tea for Kids. Is it a Yes or a No?


“Green tea is good for health” are words that you probably have heard before. It contains significant amounts of nutrients that are beneficial for your body.

Green tea is widely known for its powerful antioxidants that remove free radicals from forming in your body.

From improving brain function to helping in weight loss, there are a lot of benefits that green tea offers adults. But is it the same for kids?

Green Tea for Kids

While many people believe that kids should only stick to healthy juices, a certain small amount of green tea could also bring quite a set of benefits for them. Here are some of those benefits for children.

Cure Bad Breath

One of the most common issues encountered by many children is bad breath. The case is more common to children since they are more prone to oral problems like cavities and tooth decay.

Drinking green tea helps protect against bacteria that cause decays. This not only eliminates bad breath but also keeps the children safe from developing a potential cavity.

Reduces Heart Diseases


Green tea improves cardiovascular health in both adults as well as children. In case of the latter, plaque begins developing in the arteries of a kid from a younger age.

This may not pose dangers immediately but can certainly be harmful in the long run.

Green tea has properties of preventing such plaque from developing, consequently saving a child from potential cardiovascular issues.

It Is Energetic

Kids are full of energy. If he or she seems down for most of the day, drinking green tea could help improve the energy levels. This will keep them from getting tired at odd times.

Concerns and Precautions

Kids are not as strong, which makes their bodies prone to certain illnesses more than that of an adult.

Therefore, it is important to take certain precautions with their intake. Here are a few you can take, to make sure your child remains healthy.

Green tea contains caffeine. By consuming excessive amounts of the drink, they are drinking excessive caffeine, which can cause bodily problems like tremors, sleep deprivation, or dizziness, etc. If this is a concern, then it is best to go with green teas with lower caffeine, like houjicha.

If your kid is hyperactive, giving him or her green tea will only make matters worse. It can unnaturally manipulate their bodily processes.

Drinking high amounts of green tea can develop kidney stones in kids. This is because of the high amounts of oxalic acid this drink contains.

To put it in a nutshell, drinking excessive amounts of green tea can be bad or your children’s health. If they are consuming it, make sure they don’t go overboard with it.

A lot of parents tend to think that since green tea is so beneficial for them, it may be the same for children.

This is a false notion. While the drink has its benefits for children, it is advised that they keep the consumption to an absolute limit. In short, green tea is a yes for kids, provided the amount is monitored well.


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