Healthy Food Options for a New Mum

new borns mums and healthy food

Many new mums are so busy tending to their newborn infants (and very often the rest of the family) that they have very little time to take care of their own nutritional needs. Or worse still, they are too exhausted to be spending any amount of time in the kitchen preparing foods.

The following foods provide quick options that are guaranteed to be “no-fuss” but supply new mums with the much-needed nutrients required to stay healthy during this time.

Dark Green Vegetables

Dark, green leafy vegetables such kale and spinach will definitely have a positive effect on the health of a new mum and her baby.

Spinach especially, because of its high Vitamin A content, chlorophyll, folic acid and minerals such as iron and manganese will help to:

  • Alkalize and oxygenate the blood – boosting energy levels and brain function
  • Produce new blood cells
  • Strengthen the immune system – contains Vitamin C
  • Increase breast milk production

The minerals found in spinach can also help in the repair and development of bone, cartilage and collagen; which is crucial for mothers recuperating from C-section births. It is also a great source of non-dairy calcium needed for healthy teeth and bones.

Spinach is such a versatile food that does not require lengthy preparation times.

It can be enjoyed fresh in a salad, wilted or gently stir fried with a whole grain side such as quinoa, blended in a daily green smoothie, or simply added to a hearty soup with other vegetables for a nourishing meal replacement.

Whole-Wheat Bread

Whole-wheat bread definitely ranks highly as one of the top go-to foods for new mums.

Simply because it requires minimum preparation (especially as is), is very filling, provides a quick food option that is rich in fibre, folic acid and iron, and can be had in a variety of ways with multiple fillings, spreads or accompaniments.

whole wheat bread

The importance of folic acid is not only during the early stages pregnancy but is also an important nutrient in the production of breast milk and the health and development of the newborn baby.

An alternative to whole-wheat bread is whole-wheat/grain pasta, containing many of these same wholesome nutrients.


It can be very tempting for new mothers who have their hands full with nursing and other duties to grab snacks that are quick and easy to eat but are less than healthy, such as potato chips, cookies and candy bars.

However, these tend to be highly processed and further deplete the energy levels of the new mum.

A much more healthful option – that also tastes good – is nuts, in all their varieties (almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, pistachios, hazelnuts etc).

Protein rich, high in Vitamin E, good fats and fibre; these wonderful foods require zero effort to enjoy (no cooking needed) – which is much appreciated by many new mothers.

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