How to Encourage Recycling in the Workplace

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Recycling is the process of transforming waste materials. Admittedly, that definition might seem a little simple, but you have no cause to be alarmed.

After all, is said and done about recycling, that definition might just be the most straightforward definition that you’ll ever come across.

Each year, our planet makes use of 1 billion plastic shopping bags, this, in turn, creates over 300,000 tons of waste in landfills.

According to this survey, Australia has been consistently generating around 50 million tons of waste yearly, barely 60% of that gets recycled.

Today, we’ll be discussing a few of the most efficient methods that are sure to increase the rate of recycling in your workplace.

  1. Arrange for Convenient Disposal of Recyclables

More often than not, what most people need is external motivation. With carefully placed recyclables, members of your organisation would have no excuse but to recycle.

The placement of recyclables in public areas is the easiest and most cost efficient way to improve recycling in your workplace.

When disposal mechanisms are always in our faces, we might find ourselves recycling without thinking much of it.

2. Train and Educate Staff

Training and education of members of your staff would do your recycling program a world of good.

The first step of workplace recycling is ensuring that every member of your organisation knows what to do regarding recycling.

The moment members of your organisation gain practical knowledge on how to recycle the right way, you can rest assured that 50% of the task has been completed. Education is the key to unlocking your recycling potential.

3. Post Signs


For some reason, signs are often overlooked when it comes to recycling. Most organisations underrate the power of a sign to remind people of their responsibilities.

The presence of signs all around your workplace will serve as a constant physical reminder to every member of your organisation.

Like we mentioned earlier, what most people need is a simple reminder or a slight motivation to change the narrative about recycling.

4. Hold a Contest

Humans are competitive by nature and we’re going to assume that humans are present in your workplace.

Holding a contest is sure to incentivise members of your organisation to participate. This contest would involve weekly or daily leaderboards and a winner would emerge on a monthly basis. The winner would , of course,get bragging rights and maybe a little something extra.

The contests may also be structured in such a way that departments go up against each other and the department that recycles the most in a certain amount of time gets a reward.

5. Offer Rewards

There’s no denying the fact that we live in a reward-centric world. Employees are more likely to participate in recycling if there is a reward involved.

What most organisations get wrong is the fact that Rewards and Recognition programs don’t always have to be monetary.

The best and most effective rewards are intrinsic. Simply recognising an employee for their hard work can improve their productivity and output, and in recycling, we need as much productivity as we can get.

6. Set a Goal

Goal setting is the key to achieving your organisation’s aims and aspirations and recycling in the workplace isn’t much different.

To reach the best recycling goals, you need to have a meticulous yet realistic plan that will guide all your organisation’s recycling actions.

Setting a goal for recycling in your workplace is the first step to achieving a green world.

You too can change the world!


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