Organic Alternatives for a Green Lawn

Mowing The Lawn

It is nice to have a beautiful and neat lawn but reaching that level is not as easy as one might believe. Yeah, you can get all the tools and directions if you shop locally, but just how useful – and beneficial – are all of those fertilisers are full of various chemicals?

It really is a myth that chemical fertilisers are the only way you can keep your lawn green and nourished.

In fact, some of those artificial ingredients will cause more damage than help, so it may be better to stick to the good old ways.

Despite widespread misconceptions that all you need to do for keeping the lawn in good shape is to throw fertiliser a few times a year, in reality, that is far from an effective method.

It is true that the soil has to be fed. But you can do that by using completely natural and organic solutions as well as by following a few easy steps.

Check Your Soil

It is essential to be aware of the state of the soil in your garden, and this can easily be checked. You can get such information from your local institutions and the data they provide you with will be the basis of all other actions on the lawn.

Once you get the pH structure right, which will range from 0 to 14, you will know which ingredients your lawn needs to get the optimum range that goes between 6.5 and 7pH.

Provide nutrition

Just like the human organism, the soil too needs proper nutrition to feed the plants growing on it, and it is your job to make that happen.

The top nutrient for every soil is nitrogen, and most of the industrial fertilisers are packed up with this element. That is why they provide fast results but on the long-term period they virtually destroy both, the soil and plants.


However, there are organic ways of providing a regular intake of nitrogen, and one of the best is corn gluten. It is a natural and rich source of nitrogen that will keep the soil fit and healthy for many years to come.

Provide Access to Sunlight

Sun is the indispensable source of life and energy to all living beings, so do everything you can to make it accessible to your lawn too.

This does not mean that the sun has to shine all the time, but try keeping your lawn less in the shade and more on the light. Some lawns are more shade tolerant but generally speaking all of them prefer being in the sunlight.

Irrigation Must Be Regular

Water is as important as sunlight, but that does not necessarily mean you should flood everything.

On the contrary, too much liquid can be even a worse option than no water at all. So, if there is no rain at all you should provide around 1 inch of water per week.

Also, the timing is everything and the best period to start irrigation is early in the morning.

Proper Cutting

Lawn mowing experts say that cutting grass is a special skill and can be even considered as an art form.

I don’t know about that, but many experiments have proven that proper cutting is crucial for further developing of the lawn. So the first thing you should find out is what type of grass you have and what is its ideal height.

Most of us wait for the lawn to grow high and then we mercilessly cut it to an inch size.

Well, this is a wrong way since it is better to cut the lawn more often but never more than one-third of its original height.

Lawn mower mower grass equipment mowing gardener care work tool

And one more thing, you need a cutter with sharp edges since you need nice clean cuts.

If the blades are not sharp, then they will tear the grass instead of cutting it, and that can cause serious problems which can’t be resolved easy.
Hence, all you should do is to get a proper cutter before stepping into the lawn.

These few easy steps will make your lawn shine. You don’t need any expensive and fancy industrial fertilisers to have the best lawn in the neighbourhood.
Just follow the tips and invest a bit of your time and you will have the greenest lawn in the country in no time.

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