Setting Up an Eco-Friendly Home Office

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Going Green. It’s is not only the direction of family and home but also small and corporate business.

As our understanding of humanity’s environmental impact grows, so does the pressure on business to conform to what is believed to be the best way forward for an environmentally friendly workforce.

Setting up an eco-friendly home office does not need to be a burden. In fact, it can be a really enjoyable task.

Not only that but increasingly we are learning what mother nature has been telling us all along. Namely, that the more natural and consistent with the outside world our office environment is, the better the productivity and the health of it workers.

Most home office and stationery supply stores today offer a range of eco-friendly products that would suit almost any home office setup.

Pursuing an environmentally friendly lifestyle and work ethic does not mean you have to sacrifice style or comfort or even technology.


Office National, who are a major supplier of green and eco-friendly office products throughout Australia state on their blog,

“There are so many green options now that often you don’t even realise you’re choosing one. Many companies have even refined their production to exclusively sustainable practices.”

Setting up a green and eco-friendly home business simply means being more thoughtful about the decisions you make.

One of the good things about setting up your own home office is that you are free to make the kind of choices that are going to impact the environment in a positive way.

Besides everything else, having an eco-friendly home office is flat out more comfortable.

It’s also less likely to produce the work related stress so often experienced by those who spend their days sitting in uncomfortable plastic chairs in front of uncomfortably positioned computers with flickering and irritating lights above their head.

Reducing Technical and Office Supply Waste

Though most home offices can’t escape the need for technology, they can make better choices. Here are some of the first things you should consider if your aim is to set up an eco-friendly office at home.

  • Invest in an energy-saving computer
  • Turn off devices that are idle for long periods
  • Consider switching to a green web hosting company
  • Rethink your paper wastage and stationery needs
  • Turn the lights off in the room when not in use
  • Replace incandescent lights with energy-saving bulbs
  • Make the most of natural light and use light coloured artwork or decor

Consider switching over to a green power supply company. Power Shop is one such Australian company and has won two annual awards as the greenest power company.

Set up your recycling bins. Cut down on the number of stationery items that are clearly unfriendly to the environment.

Use indoor plants to green up the environment in your office and try and avoid strong chemical cleaners. Opt for environmentally friendly cleaning products instead.

Not only is going green good for the environment but it’s also increasingly good for small business. As more and more clients and customers become aware of their environmental responsibilities, they are tending to make more discerning choices about the type of business they will work with.

Going green is not only a healthy choice it’s a smart economics choice for small business.

Image Credit: Pexels, 2016. CC0 license

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