Three Natural Foods to Help You Sleep

good sleep with a healthy diet

It may not be the first time that you spend an entire night trying to fall asleep, but all your efforts end up in vain. Then you start counting sheep, or just finding numerous reasons for your misfortune of being awake at the time when all other people sleep tightly tucked in their warm beds.

You may blame the moon phase or accuse stress of being responsible for the lack of your sleep at night, but one thing you did not take into consideration is that there might be several little reasons that contribute to your insomnia.

However, you are not alone. Research has shown that more than 50% of people living in America have the same issue. Of course, sleeping habits have an enormous impact on your health. For instance, if you sleep well, your brain remains sharp, your immune system strong, and your skin looks youthful.

That is why sleeping regularly is of great importance for all people.

Apart from everyday issues at work or your stressful surrounding, your lifestyle and eating habits may also significantly contribute to spending the whole night tumbling on the bed and thinking about everything that comes to your mind.


And indeed, research has shown that eating certain foods will help you sleep better. Many foods that improve sleep, but here is the list of the three foods that are said to be best in making you fall asleep.

Salmon And Tuna Help You Sleep Tight

There are many benefits of eating fish, but you might just add one more. According to research, fish like tuna and salmon are rich in vitamin B6.

The importance of the B6 vitamin lies, in the fact, that it is used to make melatonin – a hormone used to induce sleep. Thus, if you enter fish in your diet, your sleep can improve significantly. However, not only salmon and tuna improve sleep.

All other fishes are good for inducing sleep. Therefore, if you want to sleep tight, salmon and tuna are to be your meals more often.

Carbohydrates in Jasmine Rice, Potatoes and Cereal Improve Sleep

Eating white rice may substantially contribute to falling asleep faster than eating other foods. Namely, several studies have come to a conclusion that easily digested carbohydrates found in Jasmine rice, potatoes and cereal are responsible for shutting your eyes faster.

However, when it comes to rice, studies have shown that Jasmine rice has higher glycemic index than an ordinary long-grain rice.

Hence, should you change your eating habits and thus improve your sleep, rice should be among your first choices. But be careful to choose Jasmine rice instead of long-grain one.

Nutritionists advise eating foods rich in carbohydrates, at least, four hours before you go to sleep.

Cherries And Sour Cherry Juice Boost Levels of Melatonin

Just like salmon and tuna, cherries have proven to be rich in vitamins that boost the levels of the hormone melatonin. It is said that tart cherries are responsible for increasing the possibilities to fall asleep faster, so you may start eating tart cherries to sleep better.

Some experts propose tart cherry juice in your diet every day. Therefore, a glass of sour cherry juice can help you prevent insomnia and reduce the sleepless nights in your bed.

Many studies today focus on eating habits and their benefits to the overall health. Having in mind that the lack of sleep is a very common issue, nutritionists propose foods rich in carbohydrates and vitamins that boost levels of melatonin.

There are many other foods like nuts, kale, or bananas that can improve your sleep. Hence, eating all of this may greatly contribute your eyes to shut faster.

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